Month: August 2021

The Sensei of Sentou Dojo

By Kenton Hornbeck Act fast, efficient and violent. Strong words coming from such an even-tempered man. These are the three ways Sensei Frank Williams wants his students act if they are confronted and physically attacked on the...

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While we wait

By Sille Veilmark David Brinkley, 49, is dressed in blue. His jumper is tangent to gray, his jeans are whiter on the knees, and the rubber along the sole of his running shoes is shining white. The shoes have no marks on them...

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Never the same

Inside the community that experienced America’s first major school shooting of 2018 By Helen Gibson Darkness covered Mike Miller Park in Benton, Kentucky, on the evening of Thursday, Jan. 25, but the lights from their candles...

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