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Our journalism program is designed to prepare students for a changing media environment by focusing on content, ethics, and technology. All work featured on this site is original work produced by WKU students in our program’s journalism courses.

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Our students within the WKU Journalism department spend time writing in their classes to gain hands on experience. We are proud to share their work with you!


WKU Journalism students cover a wide variety of news events. If you’re looking for the latest news from politics to community events to pop culture and more, take a peek at our students’ perspectives on current events.


What’s trending? WKU students know what is popular both on and off campus. Whether it’s fashion, food, travel, or culture, our students have got you covered.


We take sports pretty seriously at WKU and we like to celebrate what’s going on in the community. Our journalism students will keep you up-to-date on the latest in entertainment.



Honoring people and sharing their personal experiences is powerful. WKU Journalism students like to take the time to give individuals a voice and a chance to tell their stories.

About WKU Journalism

The WKU Journalism program is one of four programs within the School of Media at Western Kentucky University located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Students enrolled in the program can earn a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism within 4 years.

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Recently Published Articles

The Swipe Out Hunger initiative fights food insecurity at WKU

By Ellie Sandlin The WKU Student Government Association started a Swipe Out Hunger initiative for the spring 2022 semester to fight food insecurity.  Cole Bornefeld, a junior from Hendersonville, Tennessee, is a senator at large for the Student Government...

Disc Golf takes flight at WKU

By Jeffrey Meyers At almost any park in Bowling Green, you can spot people throwing discs at chained baskets. This is disc golf, and WKU has a team for it.  Disc golf is a sport where players throw frisbee-like discs into baskets, attempting to score below par....

Looking back to look forward

(Editor’s note: Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash.) By Hannah Claussen I stepped out of the car on a chilly Friday in October. My heels sunk into the soft dirt, so I walked on my toes. My eyes stayed trained on the ground. I knew before I opened the door that everyone...

Media bias trend deepens the news consumer divide

(Editor’s note: Photo by Christ Montgomery on Unsplash.) By Hannah Clausen The media of all kinds play a daily role in the lives of Americans and for many, news media remains a staple in the daily routine. Whether a morning cup of coffee and a side of cable news,...

Changing his hat changed his life

By Rhiannon Johnston Before the final pitch, he knew exactly what he wanted.  Surrounded by Western Kentucky University baseball fans, young Hunter Evans sat quietly out of place at the Hot Rod Stadium in his hometown, Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The WKU...

Kentucky Voters Face Changes

WKU student Jeanna Kleine-Kratch takes a deeper look into Kentucky voting legislation and how it affects voters. https://youtu.be/yZotnOiVxoM

Meet the 2022 Fleischaker-Greene Scholars

Professor "Mac" McKerral Assistant Director Journalism Major Coordinator School of Media Professor Scott Lasley Department Head Political Science Carley Stone Hometown: Corbin, Kentucky Degree programs: Broadcasting; Advertising; User Experience; Digital...

Reflecting on the Voting Rights Act of 1965

https://youtu.be/Jev2S9PG1ww By Carley Stone Fleischaker-Greene Scholar

Research: the struggle for women’s suffrage

(Editor’s note: Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash) By Leo Bertucci Fleischaker-Greene Scholar Geographic differences between the West, Midwest, and South explain why pro-women’s suffrage movements in each of these regions dealt with different challenges. Historical...

“Cancel Culture” is here to stay

(Editor’s note: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)  By Sarah Walters  Payton Bingham sits aloft on her bed along with her fat speckled cat, Misty Minerva McGonagall.  On either side of her, “Harry Potter” posters are carefully taped to the walls. They accompany...

Kentucky Voters Face Changes

WKU student Jeanna Kleine-Kratch takes a deeper look into Kentucky voting legislation and how it affects voters. https://youtu.be/yZotnOiVxoM

‘Lost River Sessions’ highlights music scene

By Andrew Critchelow WKU students have helped make “The Lost River Sessions” on Western Kentucky University’s PBS station an award-winning series that showcases regional musicians at local venues. Co-produced by audio engineer James Pearson and videographer Darius...

Holidays on the High Seas

By Amelia Epley I was feeling the rocking of the boat as I fixed my hair for Thanksgiving dinner. I turned off the blower and reapplied the herbal oil behind my ears. Tonight’s seasickness would be...

A fight in the pit worth taking

By Sarah Walters Something that shouldn't come as a surprise about neo-Nazis: They fight dirty. I expected their affinity for metal music and shitty IPA beer. I didn't expect the biting and the hair-pulling. I discovered my expectations or lack of understanding of...

The unintentional incident of the cat in the night-time

By Sille Veilmark Ditte walked out of the front door in stockings and stepped thrice on her toes before she reached the garage. The almost 6-foot-tall plant wall in the driveway had newly been cut. Among tools, bikes and a big refrigerator for extra food storage in...

The reality of dreams

By Griffin Fletcher It’s late afternoon on Saturday at Paradise Point Marketplace in Scottsville, nearly a 40-minute drive from downtown Bowling Green, and the smell of steaming hot dogs mingles with the warm April air. Max Erskine, 23, a Paradise Point employee, uses...